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MyNet - Dekel Bor dreams of collaborating with Robert Plant

Dekel Bor dreams of collaborating with Robert Plant

International jazz artist, Dekel Bor, is currently in the midst of an israeli tour where he performs a selection of Bach works, in a synthesis of jazz and wild rock'n'roll. In between, he found a "moment to answer our questions and coming out a "10"
Published: 07/03/12

Which song do you sing in the shower?

"I usually shower with my music in full blast.
Mornings are usually electric Neil Young or early  Stones ("You get what you need"!), Miles and Coltrane in the evening."

 I'd sell a kidney to go to a performance by ...
(Alive or dead)
"Karajan conducting the Berlin Philharmonic in German Requiem. And Bon Iver.
 Both cases will find me in the Front row, singing every word, excited like a little boy."

"A man should be a man" Dekel Bor, by Oren Itamar

Life on the road's biggest fiasco was ...
"Touring left of nowhere in mid-west americana, we stopped to eat at a diner after a show. Once we were back on the highway - I realized I left something back at the diner's table ... Luckily she was waiting for me when I returned."

Your desert island pick would be:
(book + movie + album):
"The Bible, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and "A Love Supreme" by John Coltrane."

As a child I was...
"Fat. Don't ask."

Three of my biggest addictions, from top to bottom:
"Playing the guitar, Storm-swimming, Espresso and cookies."

The woman and man you find the most sexy are?
"Patricia Arquette in the first ten minutes of "True Romance" always make me want to fall in love.
And Bruce Springsteen.
Because both my father and my grandfather taught me that a man should be a man."

What can ruin your day?
"Coming out of the sea after a long and frezing hour in Decmeber, and meet an old Russian in his speedo, soaking wet, reading a newspaper.
I asked him for his secret, to which he replied: "In Russia we used to swim in ice and drink turpentine. This is nothing."

What can improve your day?
"iPhone chat with my niece. She discovered chatting and since then has been my friends' a best friend."

Your biggest dream?
"Robert Plant singing a few of my own poems on one of my albums.
After that I can retire to India and open a linen boutique.."

Dekel Bor will be playing "Bach Electrified" in Israel on :
Tel-Aviv, Enav Cultural Hall, 1/3/12
Yokne'am, Tarbuta, 10/3/12
Jerusalem, Zappa, 28/3/12
Haifa, Rappaport Auditorium, 29/3/12
Tel-Aviv, Hangar 11, 3/5/12

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