Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Palme d'Or - Dekel Bor plays Bach

Palme d'Or

Jazz guitarist Dekel Bor plays along the greatest musicians of his genre in the world. Now he comes out on tour playing the music of Johann Sebastian Bach with Rea Mochiach. "How often does a musician get the opportunity to play perfect music such as Bach's?"
By Maxim Reider

Dekel Bor is playing the sonatas of Bach, originally written for piano and violin solo.
The Israeli leg of the tour will begin this coming thursday at Enav Center's concert hall, and will continue across the country.

Bor (32) leaped into an international career at an early age when on his first week of study at New-School University in New-York he was invited by Reggie Workman - John Coltrane's bassist - to play in his band.
Since then Bor has been playing with many of Jazz's greats. Most of Bor's performances take place in the US and Europe, with annual tours in Israel.

Son of acclaimed classical percussionist Alon Bor - a legendary figure in Israel's classical world - Dekel grew up on Bach's music: "my father has been playing and teaching Bach's violin sonatas for years.
 When I left home for New-York my father gave me his old, beat-up Bach music book, which had all his phrase and dynamic marks in it.
I started reading it slowly, listening to various interpretations, astonished by how great the differences were."

So how did you , a modern jazz guitarist, came to touring with this program?
"Over time I noticed I been making more and more changes to 'the script' - mostly in tempo and dynamics, and also realizing I am improvising my interpretation each time I play the same piece - I might play a certain phrase loud, and very soft the next day. that, along with the absolute freedom in tempo made me realize this is a journey I have to take."

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